Challenge Time!

Time For A Challenge

There is nothing like a gym challenge to increase motivation. Be versatile and slot it in when best for you…to get warmed-up for your session, to push yourself in the midst of your hard work or to gain that final sense of achievement at the end!

There are a million and one different challenges in the gym…from 21s if you are training biceps, drop-downs on triceps, or the classic ‘until failure’ to get a serious burn or pump on; and that is just to mention a few!

Anyone can have his or her own twist on these, which is great! We would to love to see them, so feel free to follow us on Facebook (West London-Fitness) and upload a video of yourself showing us how you commit to a challenge your way!

Our first suggested challenge is a favourite, which has been well underway in the West London Fitness Personal Training Studio for some time. We like to call it “The 50 Press-Up Challenge”. We tend to use it as a warm-up before undergoing an upper body workout, as there are five different styles, which target a large amount of this body area in a variety of ways – focusing on stability, strength and power. Feel free to try it as a warm-up, during your session or after your workout if you are still feeling fresh!

Right here it is! 5 sets of 10 reps!

10 x TRX Press-ups

10 x Press-ups in-between two rowers (hands on the seats of the rowers)

10 x Powers press-ups on a bench

10 x Press ups with feet on a Swiss ball

10 x Press ups with hands on Swiss ball (feet on bench)

We will upload a video to show you a demo and our attempt! Give it a go and let us know how it went. Don’t forget to take a video of yourself…and remember half reps don’t count!!!


Karl Gibson

Personal Trainer

West London Fitness