How Personal Training can keep you motivated and freshen up your exercise routine

We really enjoyed training Simon. He is a fit, strong man who has run marathons and plays sport regularly. He worked really hard and got everything out of his workouts. Simon was kind enough to write a few words about his Personal Training experience

“I can’t speak more highly of my experience at West London Fitness Ealing. I’m a 36 year old man who’s pretty active – I play a lot of football and golf as well as gym and running. Last year I found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to train and felt I was beginning to waste both time and money. I decided to sign up for personal training with West London Fitness after a recommendation from a friend. Jamie designed a plan for me which he freshened up every week and within a few weeks I felt noticeably fitter and stronger, especially on the football pitch. As well as being great at what they do, they’re really good guys and it’s a lot more fun than posing in a gym mirror for 2 hours!”
Thanks Simon, much appreciated.
Jamie Lea
Personal Trainer – West London Fitness
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