Laurence makes it back onto the golf course 8 months after his Kidney Transplant

Late last year a client of mine John, introduced me to Laurence. He had been recovering from a kidney transplant after being ill for several years. He was apprehensive about training and came down to the studio to watch John’s session to see if it was for him or not. I was really pleased he decided to give it a go as I knew we could help him with his posture, his balance, his strength but most importantly give him the confidence he needed to believe his body was capable of doing the things he wanted to do in is life.

Laurence was kind enough to write a few words about his Personal Training experience with West London Fitness:

“Three months after I had had a kidney transplant operation at the age of 67 and when I was still feeling weak and lethargic, I approached Jamie Lea of West London Fitness Centre in Ealing to give a series of fitness sessions. I had 11 sessions on mostly consecutive weeks. Jamie started gently building me up over this period without at any time putting me under undue strain. I could feel myself progressively getting stronger and feeling better in myself. Jamie also make the sessions fun whereas normal gym sessions can be a boring grind. My objects, which I settled with Jamie at the outset, were to increase stamina, create a better posture and get me fitter for a return to the golf course. I definitely feel that these objectives were achieved. I would recommend Jamie to anyone wanting to get fitter and experience a healthier lifestyle because he achieves this by ensuring you carry out a program suitable for you in a friendly and fun atmosphere. I definitely enjoyed our sessions”.

I am a massive believer in exercise being for everybody, no matter what your situation. Laurence is a huge testimony to this. He has won his fight and continues to be very active and enjoy is life. He is a real inspiration.

The only barriers to exercise are the ones you set yourself. There is always a way of improving your health and fitness no matter what your situation.

Jamie Lea

Personal Trainer

West London Fitness – Ealing

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