Lose Weight Properly

10 weeks ago Kasra gave us a call. He had just recently moved to Ealing and was looking for somebody to help him lose weight whilst also helping him strengthen his back in the right way as he has a slight posterior disc bulge in his lumbar vertebrae which has hindered his exercise programme in the past.

The first thing we looked at was what Kasra was fuelling himself with. The key to changing somebodies eating habits is to make it sustainable. We needed to put together a plan that was bespoke to Kasra, that he would be able to realistically follow which would fit in with his lifestyle and keep him enjoying his food. To his credit he took this on board relatively quickly and after a few weeks and some slight tweaks his diet improved dramatically. What helped was that his family also embraced a new healthier eating plan so the whole household was on board.

It would be fair to say that Kasra found his initial sessions very hard but 6 weeks into is programme he was coming into the gym to train on his own and his shape and size was changing rapidly. He was keeping as active as possible throughout the week, walking as much as possible.10 weeks after that initial phone call Kasra has now lost over 20 pounds. I have also noticed a huge change in his self-confidence which is so pleasing to see. One of his goals was to lose weight for University which he starting next September. Now he can just concentrate on keeping his back strong, improving his fitness and start playing football again if he wants to.

Kasra was kind enough to say:

“I’ve been training with Karl once a week for about 2 months and I find the sessions very enjoyable. Karl gives me different sorts of exercises each session so every session feels different. I injured my back few years ago and hadn’t been able to work out for a long time because of the pain and I put on quite a lot of weight and since I started training with Karl I’ve already lost 20 pounds and haven’t felt any pain in my back. Karl worked on my posture and my core muscles, now I feel that my back is a lot stronger than before I joined.”

So some key tips with this story to help you on your journey are to find a healthy eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle. It really helps if your household can embrace this as well. Keep active! move as much as possible. It is also great if you can have a few goals to keep you focused when the going gets tough. It will get tough, changing your lifestyle is not easy but the rewards are immeasurable.

We are so very proud of you Kasra.

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Karl GIbson

Personal Trainer West London Fitness