Sandra tells it how it is. Fun, friendly and focused on results!

Sandra is so much fun to train. She always gives 100%, brings a great energy into the gym that others feed off and is never afraid to put us in our place! Sandra was kind enough to write a few words about her Personal Training experience with West London Fitness over the past 18 months:

“If you are looking for a glitzy corporate gym with fancy reception, banks and banks of equipment and a location and price tag to match then West London Fitness probably isn’t for you. If however you want to join a great local friendly gym with fitness instructors that help you meet and exceed your goals then this could be the place for you. I joined just over a year ago and have personal training sessions with Jamie once or twice a week. Over the last year my fitness level has increased significantly, I have lost weight and dropped two dress sizes. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have achieved this by myself or if I had joined a glitzy corporate gym. West London Fitness challenges, cares and gets results!”

Thank you Sandra, we are very proud of you.

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