Personal Training Testimonials

"Is Personal Training at West London Fitness worth the money? Would I recommend them? You bet!"

Fifty years of age and approaching 16 stone was a call to action. Toiling in the heat on the long climbs on my annual cycling trip in Andalucia with my pals off in the distance in 2013 is not my idea of fun. A DIY training programme with a ridiculously under utilised membership at an Ealing Leisure Centre was not cutting it. Cue West London Fitness and professional sportsman and personal trainer Karl Gibson.

I met with Karl in January 2014. I told him what I wanted. More leg power and endurance, a stronger core and, of course, less weight. I was heading for the Alps in June and I wanted to do be able to enjoy the trip and get over those big Tour de France Cols. I wanted to enjoy not endure. Karl is not a cyclist but he is certainly expert in training techniques and how to motivate and challenge you to get results. Starting with two sessions a week, Karl worked on the basics, using different pieces of equipment in combination to challenge me physically and to stretch my training comfort zones. I was introduced to my new “friends” the Kettle bell, the Bulgarian bag and the Battle rope to name just a few. Karl tuned into my competitive nature and sense of humor which made training enjoyable. There have been some tough sessions along the way however, it has been worth it as results came more quickly than I had expected and improvement continues today. The small and well equipped gym located at Ealing Rugby club is a friendly and fun place to train. Karl and fellow Personal Trainer Jamie Lea work hard to make sure it is for every client.

So, as I approach my 100th personal training session, I realise just how much I have achieved. Personal training is part of my weekly schedule and apart from improving my cycling; I can ride up those big mountain cols, I have also reaped the benefits of regular, purposeful exercise in managing the stresses of a busy life at work and at home. My teenage children think dad is in good shape too. Is Personal Training at West London Fitness worth the money? Would I recommend them? You bet!

Mark Cox

"In just 3 months from my time with Georgia I have lost body fat whilst retaining and building my muscle strength and definition."

I initially contacted West London Fitness in West Ealing during the summer of 2015. At this time I had really let myself go. I had lost my motivation, got sluggish and put on weight. I really needed to do something about it. I had always been reluctant to getting a personal trainer however the thought was at the back of my mind so I contacted West London Fitness.

I have now been training with Georgia Mahony for 4 months. Within this time I have definitely noticed big improvements. Georgia gives me that extra push I have needed to reach my fitness goals and bring me closer to achieving my ‘Dream Body’. Every session that I have with Georgia is different. There is always something new to try and the intensity is always adjusted so that your body is constantly being challenged improving your fitness levels.
For the past few years, prior to training with Georgia, I had been in and out of the gym. I went through phases but was never consistent. Somehow I always managed to drop off and slowly all the hard work I had put in came to a stop as I didn’t make time or put in the effort to keep fit and healthy. However I can now honestly say, that since training with Georgia, I feel like this is something that will stick. Training with Georgia has taught me many things about nutrition, exercise and workouts that target specific areas. I have regained my motivation and I have also become a lot more confident.

I think that the biggest plus point here is that in just 3 months from my time with Georgia I have lost body fat whilst retaining and building my muscle strength and definition.

Jennifer Jae Galang

"I have trained with many people over the years but have found the West London Fitness experience to be completely different and much more rewarding."

For me a personal trainer enables me to push myself to achieve levels of fitness and wellbeing which I simply wouldn’t do left to my own devices. I have trained with many people over the years but have found the West London Fitness experience to be completely different and much more rewarding.

The training for me began with identifying where my weakness were and working on my core strength and muscle groups I had not been engaging correctly in the past. It soon became very clear why I had suffered lots of sporting injuries in the past as we strengthened these key areas.

Jamie isn’t just a personal trainer he cares about what you eat, how your work life is and your general well being. This enables us both to build a picture of what training will work for me and to teach a sustainable training method that I am looking forward to using for many years!

I’ve never been a great runner but using Jamie Lea’s methods I have found running to be a lot more fluid now and even enjoyable.

To summarise I would say the West London Fitness philosophy is to build your mind and body up so that you train correctly in a sustainable and fun way and in a way that works for you.

Dan Bowdrey


"Thanks to West London Fitness I have gained energy and renewed enthusiasm for all things."

I was introduced to Jamie Lea at West London Fitness in July 2014. My goal was to lose weight and become as fit as possible after far too many years of under-activity and over indulgence! I have trained with Jamie and Karl Gibson since August 2014 and have lost over two stone in weight and gained a level of fitness I would not have thought possible in a relatively short space of time. Jamie and Karl understand how to encourage diet and lifestyle changes and how to motivate through focussed and varied training – no boredom allowed. I train up to three times a week after work or early mornings in the small private gym which has all the facilities but none of the pretension of glossier, bigger gyms and Jamie and Karl make training hard something to look forward to, not to dread. Thanks to West London Fitness I have gained energy and renewed enthusiasm for all things. And a new wardrobe.

Fawzia King

"I highly recommend West London Fitness."

I started training with Georgia Mahony at West London Fitness eight months ago and in that time, she has helped me achieve my goals of being fitter and stronger. She has motivated me to work harder each session, always building on what I’ve achieved and with clear goals in mind. Personal training at West London Fitness is great. The small gym atmosphere makes you feel special and your personal trainer is always focused on you.

Training with Georgia Mahony has helped me develop my potential and perform better in my sport, while giving me more confidence and strength. The variety of training exercises and equipment really helps me stay motivated and engaged with the training. There’s always a new challenge to suit me and that’s what makes Georgia a great trainer! I highly recommend West London Fitness.

Pedro Diego

"West London Fitness, it turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me in my quest for fitness."

Having run for 13 years and reached the age of 64 three years ago I decided I would take up the advice given in various running magazines and do some strength training. Next step was to search for a personnel trainer in Ealing and up popped West London Fitness, it turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me in my quest for fitness.
I go once a week, often feeling exhausted after a busy day, but once there the encouragement and motivation by Jamie, my trainer, spurs me on and by the end I feel exhilarated and alive.

Jamie is always pleased to help with nutritional advice and help plan a suitable weekly training program for whatever your goal maybe, mine recently was to run a good half marathon.

I have now been attending weekly for 3 years and my strength, stamina and body shape have all improved out of recognition. I wouldn’t miss my session for anything now and really look forward to it, I even managed to persuade my husband to join!

Su Colman

I have always struggled to go to the gym in the past due to not knowing what to do, lack of motivation or plain boredom. I have managed to keep up Pilates sessions for 3 years since having major abdominal surgery but I wanted to feel and be stronger which is why I decided to get a personal trainer.

I came across West London Fitness and have been working with Georgia Mahony for the past 4 months. Georgia is very knowledgeable on various different types of exercises involving weights and cardio methods that I didn’t know existed. The sessions have been extremely enjoyable and almost easier to do with her motivating me along the way. The gym is small and well managed and does have more than enough equipment to provide all the necessary training. The atmosphere is less intimidating and friendlier than the larger less personable corporate gyms.

I’m surprised about how good I feel immediately after a session, I’m always in a great mood and over the past few months I have noticed my body toning up significantly. Georgia is great fun to be around and always mixes up the sessions and tailor makes them for my needs and the hour with her flies by. The personal training and Pilates complements each other well, I am stronger in both sessions and am able to do the more trickier poses and exercises which gives a great confidence boost.

Initially I took on sessions to provide me with some knowledge to take away to train by myself but having Georgia providing me with the support and advice, I am hooked and will continue to use West London Fitness going forward. Highly recommended!


I started training with my personal trainer ‘Jamie Lea’ at ‘West London Fitness’ in November 2014 and I had never been to gym before. I was apprehensive about the idea but after a chat on the phone with Jamie I felt at ease and excited about my first visit. There were three things that I wanted to cahnge in my life, 1, lose weight 2, become fitter and 3, (my most important goal) was to find out if exercise would improve my mood- as I suffer from depression. I am really pleased that after only four months training that I have lost 11 kilos! and I’m much fitter and active. I noticed My mood improving after only 2 or 3 sessions. I’m eating better than any other time in my life and I feel more ‘alive’ also my self esteem and confidence have increased. So everything I read about how exercise can improve mood I found in my case was true. The gym is a nice size and well equipped and the atmosphere is friendly, I found that after a short time I felt very relaxed. The training varies each week so there’s no routine element. Having a personal trainer is very important for me as I tend to give up if I try to do it alone. Jamie knows how to motivate me and to push me to get more out of myself, it’s hard work but great fun I really enjoy it. I have also trained with Karl Gibson in Jamie’s absence, who also gives me a really good training session that’s tough but fun. I highly recommend ‘West London Fitness’ to anyone who might be feeling the same way about going to a gym that I was, there’s ‘nothing to lose’ (except weight!) and some much to gain.

Jim Mullally


Karl Gibson, personal trainer at West London Fitness gets results. You could say Karl kicks butt in a nice way! His extensive technical knowledge and practical experience (he’s a professional sportsman) mean you get varied and fun training sessions that deliver results. I started going to Karl with a general fitness goal and the usual request for weight-loss in mind – 20 sessions later I’m a stone lighter, without too much effort (wine and crisps still allowed) and fitter than I’ve been for years. In fact I’ve now been encouraged to sign up with the West London Fitness team to take part in a 12k obstacle race!

Alison Cox

I have trained with Jamie at West London Fitness for 8 years now, and this has helped me achieve many of my fitness goals, which include my involvement at a high level of professional sport. As well as working on core fitness, I have also seen my weight stabilise as well as improved muscle strength and tone. I would recommend this service very highly.

Wes – Northwood

When I moved from North London to Ealing I left my personal trainer that I had been with for years. I looked for a trainer in Ealing and tried a few places but was uninspired. The gyms and the trainers I met seemed a bit intimidating and consequently I did nothing and let things slide. After a couple of years of unhealthy living I was 2 stone overweight and feeling very sorry for myself. I found West London Fitness through a Google search and arranged to go and meet them.

I have been training with Karl at West London Fitness for the past year and it has been a fantastic experience. Karl is very motivating and knows how to get the best results out of me. The training sessions are great fun and the hour flies by but he works me hard and I feel like I’ve completed a marathon by the end of each session. The gym itself is well-equipped and extremely welcoming. Everyone is very friendly and I feel very comfortable there.
Karl has great knowledge of fitness and nutrition and has helped me to completely change my attitude towards my health and fitness. Consequently I am in a much better place than I was a year ago. I have lost 2.5 stone and, at a recent 360 health test, my doctor was delighted to confirm that I have the fitness age of 25-29 (I’m 46). I doubt I had that fitness age when was actually 25!

I’m well on the way to reaching my target weight loss of 3 stone and am now thinking that I need to set new goals once my total weight loss is achieved; I have every confidence that whatever goals I choose that Karl will push me beyond my perceived limits to achieve them.
Thank you so very much – in a strange way I think you’ve saved my life!

Fiona Simons

I can’t speak highly enough of Jamie. He has taken me to a level of fitness I never thought possible and I feel better than I have for years. It’s totally down to him that I am no longer in pain from back & hip problems. I train with him 3 times a week and each session is different so there’s no danger of boredom. He knows exactly how far to push me to achieve my goals and he is supporting and encouraging. Please don’t move away Jamie!

Janet Baracaia – Pinner

In December 2014, I decided to get a head start on my new year resolution and search for a Personal Trainer in Ealing, where I live. I previously joined various gym clubs, attending impersonal workout sessions irregularly, never reaching my goals and lacking motivation. My first session with Jamie from West London Fitness left me with a very positive feeling about the programme we’ve agreed and our future work as a team. Jamie is not only an excellent Personal Trainer, but a great active listener; every week he picks up my mood and adjusts my fitness training to reflect my energy level. It makes every session enjoyable. Being very impatient by nature, I was hoping to get in perfect shape in 3 months. It took Jamie many sessions to get me to understand that what I was really after was a change of lifestyle, and not a bikini-body ready for the summer. Today I am fully in peace with myself, with a increased self esteem, feeling tonic in my enhanced muscle body, enjoying doing workout at home as well and always looking forward to my weekly training session. I have achieved to get the right balance of a healthy mind in a healthy body and life changing habits which is well above and beyond what I was expecting.



I have now been with Jamie Lea, my personal fitness trainer, for well over 5 years during which time he has provided me with a professional and innovative training regime which has enabled me to maintain a high standard of personal fitness.

As a person who previously had an active sporting life which has left me with some long term physical injuries including bilateral hip replacements Jamie has addressed these problems with understanding and a positive approach which has resulted in me being fit enough to run long distances and to maintain a high level of fitness for my age.

In addition Jamie takes a keen interest in and monitors my life style outside the gym including addressing any weight issues, ensuring I have a healthy diet, ensuring I have a positive approach to life and encouraging me to undertake challenging forms of exercise outside the gym.

I would certainly recommend Jamie Lea of West London Fitness as a personal trainer of the highest level at his gym in Ealing. I am happy to say that the many friends I have recommended to use Jamie’s services are all very satisfied with his positive and welcoming approach to fitness training.

John Colman

Having battled with my weight all my life I faced the prospect of reaching 40 feeling less than fabulous, so I decided that the best way to help myself was to find a personal trainer. I met Jamie from West London Fitness in November 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

Jamie gave me nutritional advice, insisted on a food diary that he reviewed at our weekly sessions and started me on an exercise program to improve my fitness and tone up my shape. 5 months later I had dropped 2 dress sizes and faced my 40th with renewed self-confidence.

At our initial consultation I was unable to jog for a minute, but thanks to Jamie’s fitness training I went on to complete my first charity 5K run only 7 months later – something I would never have thought possible.

I have had ups and downs along the way but Jamie has continued to motivate me on my weight loss journey. He knows when words of encouragement are needed, but also when to give a dose of tough love. As I said to him not so long ago – a session with you is better than therapy! Highly recommended.

Sharon – Ealing