After years of lower back pain Riona now has the confidence to exercise

Since completing my Level 4 Diploma in lower back pain it gives me huge job satisfaction when somebody like Riona comes into our Personal Training Studio in Ealing. As Riona’s testimonial says, she has been struggling with lower back pain for many years and this had led to a lack of confidence in her movement patterns.

We started with the basics, understanding how our body is supposed to move and working on getting the posterior muscles firing properly. This was a journey for Riona to understand what movements and stretches her body likes and disagrees with and we had our ups and downs. A bespoke journey. She knows that she has to manage her back, our body likes movement. When she doesn’t move, stretch and strengthen, she can feel that her back is stiffening again.

It has been a great pleasure to train Riona and I am so pleased to see her moving so well. She is also a lovely lady!

Riona was kind enough to write the following testimonial for us:

As someone who had struggled to exercise effectively for years due to a back problem, I had resigned myself to never being able to achieve my fitness goals. As I approached a significant birthday, I decided that I needed to get professional guidance. I went to meet Jamie Lea, Personal Trainer at West London Fitness in Ealing in June 2014 and was very impressed with his knowledge and understanding of my type of back problem.

I began training with Jamie and while it was challenging for someone who was quite unfit, within weeks, I began to feel the benefits. My sessions with Jamie are very varied and never boring. He is an excellent motivator and crucially, he tailored the sessions to strengthen core muscles therefore ensuring my back wasn’t compromised. I had thought that I would only be with West London Fitness for maximum 10 personal sessions however, I quickly realised this was a longer term investment and I wanted to continue (which is very untypical of me!!).

Seven months later, I am still a member of West London Fitness and attend weekly sessions with Jamie and I now feel more motivated to attend the gym between sessions. I have achieved far more than I ever thought possible. My back pain has improved considerably. I have enhanced muscle tone and much improved my posture which has been positively commented on by friends and family. I also have more energy and increased confidence. I would highly recommend Jamie and West London Fitness”.

Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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