Keith loses 25 Kilos in 6 months and completes 5km race.

In April 2016 Keith came to see me at our Personal Training Studio in Ealing. To be blunt he was overweight, very unfit and was suffering from high blood pressure. He was very nervous and had never been to a ‘gym’ before.

Now I wish that every story was like this. Keith and I clicked straight away and he was able to take on board our methodology and put it into practice right from the off. He saw some fantastic results and has really seen a dramatic change in his whole life. Through eating sensibly and regular exercise his blood pressure is now normal, his stress has reduced, his BMI is perfect as is his weight and body fat. It can be done as this picture above goes to show. We here at West London Fitness are incredibly proud of you. Keith and his wife Jo are now a big part of the West London Fitness community and are great fun to have around.

Keith was kind enough to write a testimonial for us below to share with us just how he did it. The challenge for Keith is now to stay fit and healthy which over the last 6 months since he lost the weight he has managed to do very well.

“I didn’t really have a eureka moment – I’d just turned 50 and suddenly realised that unbeknownst to me I’d put on weight … and a lot of it. It’d really just crept up on me so being 5’6 and finding myself at 14 stone I decided I should do something about it. The thought of joining a gym filled me with dread and huffing and puffing around all those fit people freaked me out a bit – which is where West London Fitness came in. It’s an intimate little gym in Ealing with no egos and with personal trainers who genuinely care. Personal trainer Jamie Lea had the dubious pleasure of being mine. In 6 months he’s opened my eyes to healthy behaviours and a work-life balance which has had the amazing ‘side-effect’ of weight loss and a renewed zest for life. It’s never been about starvation and fad dieting but more about a change of lifestyle. The training sessions are a lot of fun, always varied and not unsurprisingly thoroughly challenging. I’ve now lost just over of 3 and a half stone and can safely say I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever felt before. I never believed one could make such a change in such a short space of time and it really has been down to Jamie and West London Fitness – so as well as this being a massive endorsement I’d also really like this to be a ‘thank you’ “

Thanks Keith.

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