“Talented” Personal Trainer Georgia Mahony helps Matt lose over 3 stone

Here is a great testimonial from Matt Skeer who has been training with Georgia Mahony.

“Throughout my adult life, I have always been of larger build, however as I was close to entering my thirties, I had a 36” waist and weighed a hefty 98.5Kg (15.5 Stones). I decided it was time to get into shape.

Previously attempts of trying to get into shape had always followed the same story, I joined a gym, went for a week or two, injured myself or lost interest and stopped, but this time, things would be different.
I knew I lacked the resolve and knowledge to train safely solo, so I knew I needed a personal trainer, this is where the talented Georgia Mahony from West London Fitness came to the rescue.

Starting from time of initial consultation, I found her highly attentive to my needs and goals and from the onset offered the advice and guidance, I much needed. I also found that she was highly flexibly with her availability which was ideal to match my hectic life.

The fitness program that Georgia derived focused on building my core strength whiles reducing the body fat, and she used a large range of methods to achieve, meaning no two sessions where the same, which is ideal for those like myself, whom find exercise monotonous.
Through my time training, I found Georgia highly motivational and she was able to extract the last few reps or the last few seconds of exercise, out of me.

I have now reduced to a 32” waist and have lose nearly 20Kg (3 Stone). I also have a noticeable change in muscle density.

I can highly recommend Georgia and Team at West London Fitness to anyone who is serious about, loosing weight and getting into shape”.


Thanks Matt, what a fantastic story. Well done on your tremendous achievement.


Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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