The Biggest Achievement of All: Sustained Health and Fitness

The Biggest Achievement of All: Sustained Health and Fitness


Most of the time when we write blogs we relay the achievements of our clients, how they have lost weight, recovered successfully from an injury or operation and others who have completed an event they have been training hard for. However, I wanted to take time out today to praise the clients we have who have achieved many of those things but have also been able to sustain their fitness levels over many years.

I think that to show consistency in your training, to adapt your training techniques to the phase of life you are in, to cope with all the pressures and temptations in the world we live and remain fit and healthy for decades is without a doubt the biggest achievement of them all. I know this as I have seen how dedicated you have to be, and sadly have also seen many people achieve great levels of fitness and struggle to maintain them. It is not easy at all!

Fortunately, we have witnessed many people achieve sustained levels of fitness over the years at our Personal Training studio in Ealing at Trailfinders Sports Club. Without naming names I would like to mention the lady who is nearly 70 and has been training with us for over 15 years now. I promise you she is stronger than most women who are in their 20s or 30s. She also looks at least 10 years younger than she is and has kept herself so fit and strong she can easily keep up with her grandchildren.

The women who have trained all the way through their pregnancies and been back in the gym 4-6 weeks after giving birth and back into shape within 3 months and who are able to sustain that as their children get older, an incredible achievement!

The people who have stressful, time consuming jobs who get into the gym at 6 or 7am in the morning or come straight from work at 8 or 9pm in the evening, week after week, prioritising their health and fitness as they realise the benefits without question.

To the clients who struggle with their weight but understand the benefits of their training. How it helps them de-stress, increases their strength, gets their circulation flowing, improves their posture and flexibility and gives them the energy and focus they need to get on with the tasks that await them in the days and weeks ahead.

To the men and women who don’t enjoy exercise and would rather not but take responsibility for their health and understand the importance of exercise and embrace healthy eating.

West London Fitness is not about vanity. It is about helping people achieve a healthier version of themselves. It is about improving people’s aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, balance and power. It is about guiding people to find out what healthy eating plan fits into their lifestyle and tastes. It is about supporting our clients through their lives so that they can sustain their healthy, active lifestyles by keeping things varied and keeping them motivated and reassured. To all the people that we know that have achieved this over many, many years we salute you, as this truly is the biggest achievement of them all.


Jamie Lea

Personal Trainer

West London Fitness

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