Personal Trainer Georgia inspires Tracy to stay motivated and get into even better shape

Tracy has very kindly written a testimonial for our Personal Trainer Georgia Mahony. Tracy is a lovely lady who brings a great energy into the gym. One of the key points to this testimonial which fortunately is a recurring theme with our clients is that the atmosphere in the gym is less intimidating and friendlier than big corporate gyms. The other point is that Georgia and Tracy work really well together and are creating a really solid base for Tracy to push forward and maintain in which ever direction she wants to go with her fitness.

“I have always struggled to go to the gym in the past due to not knowing what to do, lack of motivation or plain boredom. I have managed to keep up Pilates sessions for 3 years since having major abdominal surgery but I wanted to feel and be stronger which is why I decided to get a personal trainer. 
I came across West London Fitness and have been working with Georgia Mahony for the past 4 months. Georgia is very knowledgeable on various different types of exercises involving weights and cardio methods that I didn’t know existed. The sessions have been extremely enjoyable and almost easier to do with her motivating me along the way. The gym is small and well managed and does have more than enough equipment to provide all the necessary training. The atmosphere is less intimidating and friendlier than the larger less personable corporate gyms. 
I’m surprised about how good I feel immediately after a session, I’m always in a great mood and over the past few months I have noticed my body toning up significantly. Georgia is great fun to be around and always mixes up the sessions and tailor makes them for my needs and the hour with her flies by. The personal training and Pilates complements each other well, I am stronger in both sessions and am able to do the more trickier poses and exercises which gives a great confidence boost. 
Initially I took on sessions to provide me with some knowledge to take away to train by myself but having Georgia providing me with the support and advice, I am hooked and will continue to use West London Fitness going forward. Highly recommended!”

Thank you Tracy.

Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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