Fiona Loses 2 stone with the help of Personal Trainer Karl Gibson

Fiona has been great fun to have in the gym and has done brilliantly in achieving her goals. She was kind enough to write a testimonial for us:

“When I moved from North London to Ealing I left my personal trainer that I had been with for years. I looked for a trainer in Ealing and tried a few places but was uninspired. The gyms and the trainers I met seemed a bit intimidating and consequently I did nothing and let things slide. After a couple of years of unhealthy living I was 2 stone overweight and feeling very sorry for myself. I found West London Fitness through a Google search and arranged to go and meet them. 
I have been training with Karl at West London Fitness for the past year and it has been a fantastic experience. Karl is very motivating and knows how to get the best results out of me. The training sessions are great fun and the hour flies by but he works me hard and I feel like I’ve completed a marathon by the end of each session. The gym itself is well-equipped and extremely welcoming. Everyone is very friendly and I feel very comfortable there. 
Karl has great knowledge of fitness and nutrition and has helped me to completely change my attitude towards my health and fitness. Consequently I am in a much better place than I was a year ago. I have lost 2.5 stone and, at a recent 360 health test, my doctor was delighted to confirm that I have the fitness age of 25-29 (I’m 46). I doubt I had that fitness age when was actually 25!
I’m well on the way to reaching my target weight loss of 3 stone and am now thinking that I need to set new goals once my total weight loss is achieved; I have every confidence that whatever goals I choose that Karl will push me beyond my perceived limits to achieve them. 
Thank you so very much – in a strange way I think you’ve saved my life!”

Thanks Fiona!

Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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