Personal Trainer Jamie Lea helps Jackie with weight loss and regain confidence with her fitness after injury

This is a really rewarding testimonial for me personally as Jackie had various injuries when she came in and is an experienced fitness professional herself. We worked really hard to find out what exercises were right for her and also the ones that flared up the issues she had. Jackie worked incredibly hard on cleaning up her food and was very disciplined in keeping an honest food diary. Over time we were able to design a very effective gym programme which kept her challenged and did not aggravate her ongoing injury issues which in the past would stop her training. This in tandem with her improved eating habits proved to be a winning formula for Jackie and understandably impacted on how she felt about herself, raising her mood, self-esteem and productivity with her business.

I had a text from Jackie a few weeks ago and she has continued to train hard on her own and is still feeling great about life as well as eating really well. This delighted me as you hope so much that people keep it up and continue the good work that they started when they walked into our Personal Training studio at Trailfinders Sports Club in West Ealing!!!

Jackie was kind enough to write this testimonial:

“I contacted West London Fitness back in January 2015 to enquire about personal training sessions, and chose Jamie as my personal trainer due to his extensive specialist knowledge of working with injury rehabilitation, posture correction and alignment. Over the years I’ve battled with various injuries and felt it important that my P/T fully understood my weaknesses and offer a fitness programme suited for my needs.

The sessions were held at a private gym at Trailfinders in Ealing and we started off with two sessions a week at an eye watering 6am to fit in with my busy work schedule. Jamie observed my movements and varied each session to focus on building up and strengthening weak areas. It wasn’t a walk in the park and took commitment and patience, especially when the scales didn’t move but instead of getting hung-up on a quick fix, Jamie helped me with nutrition and kept a keen eye on my food diary and after many heated discussions (aka excuses), changes were made and long-lasting changes began to happen.

Now I no longer reply on the scales to tell me how I’m doing but trust the fact that I’m wearing size 10 jeans (minus the muffin top) that the 6 months hard slog has paid off. I’ve totally changed my relationship with food and know that my new understanding of eating the right foods at the right time combined with regular exercise is the way forward. No more fad diets, juicing or extreme diets – they may work to drop weight initially, but they’re not sustainable and the weight will go back on with a vengeance. . Thanks Jamie.”

Thank you Jackie! It was an absolute pleasure.

Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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