Tracey Loses 2 stone and completes her first mountain climb with the help of West London Fitness

Karl has been training Tracey for over a year now and she was kind enough to write a few words about the journey she has been on to gain and sustain a healthier her. Thank you Tracey:

“I have been working with my Personal Trainer Karl Gibson at Trailfinders Sports Club in Ealing since January 2013.  I can honestly say that my life and my body have been transformed. I feel so much more positive about myself and love having goals to strive towards.  I have lost weight (two stone), I feel more motivated and my strength and fitness have improved massively.  Two weeks ago I climbed Snowdon (Watkin’s Route if you know it) and it was tough. However, I managed to do it without too much recovery time and was amazed that I was able to achieve it.  Six months previously I would not have been able to do so.  I am 48 years of age and being this age (with little fitness previously) and having achieved what I have achieved I feel like I can go on to achieve even more.  Karl is fabulous, such a lovely person but encouraging too – you actually want to work hard for him as he’s so lovely as are all the team at West London Fitness!”