Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles understands the importance of regular exercise

Training Sir Sherard is always great fun. He is not somebody who is always motivated to exercise on his own and perhaps does not always enjoy our sessions whilst he is doing it! However he understands the importance of keeping a regular activity in our lives.

Sherard is a very busy man who has recently turned 60. His time is precious with a family to look after, a demanding job with lots of travelling required as well as many community obligations. Having a regular training slot with a Personal Trainer enables him to tick one thing off his list. We take care of his health and fitness, checking that he is not over indulging with his food and drink and making sure his fitness levels are where they should be. It is one thing less for him to worry about.

Sherard was kind enough to say about his Personal Training sessions at West London Fitness in Ealing:

“Jamie Lea works me hard, but always with a sense of fun, and of accentuating the positive. 60 hard pounding minutes a week with Jamie set me for the rest of the week. By far the best personal trainer I have ever had”.

Thank you Sherard, always a pleasure!

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Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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