Pedro gains strength and fitness with Personal Trainer Georgia Mahony

Pedro has done so well since he has started training with Personal Trainer Georgia and has become noticeably stronger and fitter, mainly down to his vast improvement in his technique. This is something we play close attention to here at  the West London  Fitness Personal Training Studio in Ealing. When you get your technique spot on you are going to get the results you are looking for and limit your risk of injury significantly. Pedro was kind enough to write a few words about his training regime with Georgia:

“I started training with Georgia Mahony at West London Fitness eight months ago and in that time, she has helped me achieve my goals of being fitter and stronger. She has motivated me to work harder each session, always building on what I’ve achieved and with clear goals in mind. Personal training at West London Fitness is great. The small gym atmosphere makes you feel special and your personal trainer is always focused on you.

Training with Georgia Mahony has helped me develop my potential and perform better in my sport, while giving me more confidence and strength. The variety of training exercises and equipment really helps me stay motivated and engaged with the training. There’s always a new challenge to suit me and that’s what makes Georgia a great trainer! I highly recommend West London Fitness”.

Thanks Pedro, we are very proud of you and the improvements you have made.

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Jamie Lea – Personal Trainer – West London Fitness

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