Su is an inspiration to us all!

We love training Su and think she is an inspiration to everybody. She has a fantastic attitude towards her health and fitness. Su was kind enough to write a few words about her experience of Personal Training with West London Fitness:

“Having run for 13 years and reached the age of 64 three years ago I decided I would take up the advice given in various running magazines and do some strength training. Next step was to search for a personal trainer in Ealing and up popped West London Fitness, it turned out to be the best thing that has happened to me in my quest for fitness.
I go once a week, often feeling exhausted after a busy day, but once there the encouragement and motivation by Jamie, my trainer, spurs me on and by the end I feel exhilarated and alive.

Jamie is always pleased to help with nutritional advice and help plan a suitable weekly training program for whatever your goal maybe, mine recently was to run a good half marathon.
I have now been attending weekly for 3 years and my strength, stamina and body shape have all improved out of recognition. I wouldn’t miss my session for anything now and really look forward to it, I even managed to persuade my husband to join!”


Thank you Su,

Jamie Lea

Head Personal Trainer

West London Fitness


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