The 5km Parkrun and 2km Junior Parkrun are simply fantastic community events

Henry's First Park run

My son Henry turned 4 at the end of July. Today I took him along to the Bushy Park 2km Parkrun ( This is run on the first Sunday of every month at 11am although Pitshanger Park in Ealing is every Sunday at 9am (

Every Saturday in parks around the country at 9am thousands of people run 5 km. This is all run by volunteers and is completely free. You print of a barcode once you have registered on the website ( and keep a track of your times. You receive a free T-shirt once you have completed 50, 100 and 250 runs.

Here at West London Fitness Personal Training Studio In West Ealing we have many clients who have been running every Saturday in this fantastic event. It’s a great way of having some discipline and consistency with your fitness as well as being part of a positive, healthy community event. One particular client, Neil Wells, has run in many Parkruns all over the world as it is now a global event.

Whether you are training for weight loss, general fitness and health or aiming to improve the speed of your running as an adult the 5km Parkrun is a brilliant thing to try as it is such a well organised weekly event with a real friendly atmosphere. The local one in Ealing is at Gunnersbury Park After today I would also highly recommend The Junior Parkrun as well. 325 children took part today. How did Henry do? He did it in 17 minutes and 20 seconds. He did so well only stopping for a walk a few times. The main thing was that he loved it and I was obviously very proud and fortunate to share this with him.

Thank you Parkrun!

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